Firehay's Graceful Icicle

Nugita 12 years  Nugita

Born: 18.01.1991 (- 27.02.2004)
Colour: lemonroan (narttu)
Hips: A2
Eyes: clear
Breeder: Paavo Multala & Oiva Rapeli, Helsinki

BB-2, BB-4

Mother of I-litter and C-litter
Nugita in Koiranet




Good bodied bitch in excellent coat and condition. Pretty head. Good neck and front. Good angulated in rear. Little straight in front, but overall good quality. Moves correctly.

Firehay's First Blood A Kennelbourne Yankie Doodle H Pentavy Whispering Pine
Kennelbourne Hand Maid
Dawning Day's Dancing Duchess INT & FIN & N CH Courtmaster Silver Fox H
Breeze Rising Sun
Breeze Pretty Baby A INT & FIN & N CH Courtmaster Silver Fox H Courtmaster Bon Ton
Courtmaster Enchantress
Breeze Kiss Of Love A Kennelbourne Yankie Doodle H
Breeze Xapphire

01/04  01/04


Nugita & Jasi =)



Nugita's BOB progeny group, after her is Tino, Jasi, Wanessa & Jade


Heidi Nemlander & Raili Flinkman