FI CH Sunny Sky Three Ponds Valley


4 years

Born: 15.06.2008
Colour: black & white (female)
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Eyes: Clear (01/11)
Heart examination: healthy
Breeder: Iwona Staniszewska-Noga, Poland
Owner: Annika Alervo, kennel Judgement Day's & kennel Icicle's

4* BOB-puppy, BIG-1 puppy, BIG-3 puppy, 1* BOS-puppy & BIG-4 BOS
3* CC, BOS

mother of our S-litter (born 22.11.2011)
PRA Cord1 CLEAR, Fucosidosis CLEAR
Passed working ability test
Mental test +198 points
Sky in Koiranet


CH, WW-09 Linmoor Zimply Zalient (A) PRA Cord1 CLEAR S (u) CH N CH Linmoor Wave For Success (B) Fairsky Arc de Triomphe (A)
S (u) CH N CH Nobhill Modern Talkin' (A)
S (u) CH Linmoor Valuable Crystal (A) FIN CH Whisborne Clansman (A) PRA Cord1 CLEAR
Mycock's Quartz Crystal (B)
CH Rowntree Sweet Harmony (A) PRA Cord1 CLEAR Barecho Almost Perfect (A) PRA Cord1 CLEAR S (u) CH Mompesson Prince Charming (B)
Barecho Kisses of Fire (A)
Rowntree Romantic Review (A) NORD CH SW-02-08 NW-04-06 FINW-05 KBHW-08 WVW-08 Barecho Fun For The Future (A) PRA Cord1 CLEAR
S (u) CH Tailwind's Esmeralda (A)


3½ years


20 months


13 months


9 months

7½ months

BIG-1 at age of 5 months and 1 day


4½ months

3 months
photo Three Ponds Valley
12 weeks
photo Three Ponds Valley
8 weeks

photo Three Ponds Valley

photo Three Ponds Valley