Firehay's Clever Girl

Mimosa  Mimosa



Born: 10.11.1990 (- 23.04.2006)
Colour: Blueroan (female)
Hips: C1/C2
Eyes: clear
Breeder: Paavo Multala & Oiva Rapeli, Helsinki

CC, BOS, BIS-3 veteran (in all breed show)
2002 veteran cocker 7.
2003 veteran cocker 10.

Passed working ability test
Mimosa in Koiranet


12 years who has excellent type and condition, and pretty head & expression. Good angulations, body and legs. Already little unpure movement. Happy tail, sympatic old lady.

Lynwater Wintery Weather B/A Lynwater Lewis Of Quasar Weirdene Workman
Lynwater Silver Sheet
Kathand Rowena Lynwater Second Chance
Kathand Melanie Mystique
Firehay's Seven Own A/A Kennelbourne Yankie Doodle H Pentavy Whispering Pine
Kennelbourne Hand Maid
Dawning Day's Dancing Duchess X* KANS & FIN & N CH Courtmaster Silver Fox H
Breeze Rising Sun

Mimosa 13 years


Mimosa 14 years