Icicle's Call It Eiffel

Jasi  Jasi

Born: 01.05.1994 ( - 24.05.2004)
Colour: orangeroan (male)
Hips: checked unofficially as healthy

CCQ, honourprice, Exc.

Jasi in Koiranet



9 years little bigsized. Beautiful expressive head. Good neck, forechest and excellent shoulders. Good bone and feet. Strong back. Good angulations. Good coat.

INT & FIN & EST & LTU & BLR CH W-94 LTUW-99 Fools Alibaba A1 Kennelbourne Yankie Doodle H Pentavy Whispering Pine
Kennelbourne Hand Maid
Breeze Jealous Lover A FIN CH Lindridge Buccaneer H
Breeze Jane-Hellen C/B
Firehay's Graceful Icicle A2 Firehay's First Blood A Kennelbourne Yankie Doodle H
Dawning Day's Dancing Duchess
Breeze Pretty Baby A INT & FIN & N CH Courtmaster Silver Fox H
Breeze Kiss Of Love A



Jasi, Wanessa & Jade

Jasi 7½ years

Jasi -97